• Contribute towards the government efforts in the planning and development of human resources to produce a skilled and suitable workforce that possess techpreneurial wisdom to cater the state’s industrial needs
    • To keep abreast of developments in industry, technology, trends, business practices and to inform client of the latest advancements
    • To facilitate the development of a resilient ICT industry
    • To constantly improve the variety of resources available to the community by establishing new partnerships.
    • To make leaders, supporters, stakeholders and general public aware of the many advantages of SATA
    • To provide information networking technologies and resources to assist and encourage SATA members in creating and managing productive ICT business trends
    • To involve all segments of the private and public sectors



Vision and Mission

    • Creating Technopreneur in every family.


    • Creating knowledge technopreneur by shaping, training, knowledge transfers, sharing of information, ideas and taught